About Geezabella & Petrucio

Geezabella & Petrucio is a Melbourne based boutique, bringing you a unique experience of sophistication and elegance. We have been in operation for over 10 years, with an expertise in high quality lingerie and sleepwear that you won't find anywhere else.

We carefully hand pick our lingerie from around the world, ensuring an eclectic mix in the boutique. This ensures you will always feel and look your best while always supported throughout your day.

Geezbella & Petrucio’s aim is to empower all generations of women from the youthful, the career woman, the mother, the bride, the lover and the midlife re-emerging woman.

We are also LGBTQ+ friendly.

We offer a bespoke, confidential and discreet service to our clients.

After hours appointments are available to view our range of luscious lingerie, jewellery and sexual wellness products.

Call (03) 7068 0988 or email, today.

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